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We design and deliver permanent destinations with audiences in mind - their wants, needs and desires. By harnessing our bespoke experience design approach we get to the reason why somebody would decide to visit, spend more time and create a community, in turn this generates maximum brand and business value for you.

Our expertise covers the full range of destinations: Flagship retail for brands, Brand Homes, Museums and Cultural Centres, Visitor Attractions and Innovation Centres. We are experts in developing strategic concepts, customised visitor journeys and supporting you through the end-to-end process to deliver them in reality - and ensure that they operate successfully.

From Entertainment & Retail to Innovation, Culture & Museology, for nations or brands. From our offices in Riyadh, Dubai, Abu-Dhabi and Doha; we are purpose-built for your requirements and your growth.

A class-leading, global innovation experience for General Electric

Imagination has been a proud partner of GE for 5 years. In that time, we have worked closely with brand, facilities and business teams on the design, development and deployment of a range of award-winning innovation centres across four different continents, including a centre in Riyadh.

These projects provide not only the cross-business communication context, but also the assets, tools, systems, processes and hard lessons learned that are needed to make every visit extraordinary.

We designed and delivered an adrenaline charged visitor experience that celebrates the rich history of motorsports, a smart experience that personalised every customer journey.

Our concept needed to flex across all aspects of the visitor experience, from thematic displays of Macau Grand Prix’s (MGP) history, and deconstructed vehicular displays, to interactive interface design and immersive experiences.

A thrilling Grand Prix destination in Macau

Creating a new type of flagship store in Riyadh for Rubaiyat

How do you curate a fashion collection and a new shopping experience - exclusively for women- at the highest level of comfort and luxury?

We created a new 2,100 sqm women's fashion boutique concept, radically different to their traditional model and as a generic stand-alone destination with strong individuality and character.

Blending boundaries between fashion and art, the concept of a Gallery of Fashion played a strong part, inviting customers to perceive a retail environment from a different perspective.


Global Innovation Centre.

Race Themed  Visitor Attraction.

Luxury Retail Concept Store Design.

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The experience economy: A view from the Middle East

The ‘experience economy’ recognises experience as a potent economic output capable of profoundly shaping nations. Experiences offer the potential to not only drive GDP growth but also foster dialogue, expedite cultural exchange, and enhance value. The cities and nations that champion this principle will witness a remarkable multiplier effect. At the forefront of this movement stands Saudi Arabia, poised to become the fastest-growing economy this year.

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A series of landmark and retail experiments in design, ranging from future stores to new formats, we reimagined some of the rituals and experiences in buying coffee from Costa through a wide range of concepts and design choices.

We created landmark destinations that tapped into the culture of different regions, as well the different context in which they would inhabit, ranging from airports to flagship stores.

The inaugural Biennale in the Kingdom marked Saudi Arabia as a significant player in the contemporary art scene across the globe. Themed ‘Crossing the River by Feeling the Stones’, Imagination partnered with the Diriyah Biennale Foundation and the Ministry of Culture to design and deliver this groundbreaking event that attracted over 100,000 visitors.

The experience ran for 3 months and was situated in the JAX district. It unfolded in six sections, featuring works by 64 artists from around the world. We delivered turnkey project and event management, including full creative and delivery.

An immersive experience that encourages exploration through play. Imagination created multiple spaces that included innovative uses of technology, interactive installations and drastic changes in lighting - all designed to reflect the different features of VIVO smartphones and owned intellectual property.

We brought to life a personal journey that visitors could journey across, extending far beyond the physical space, in a highly interactive and seamlessly connected experience.

Rethinking coffee rituals worldwide for Costa Coffee

Delivering the inaugural Contemporary Art Biennale in Saudi Arabia

Crafting a story around product features in Shenzhen for VIVO

Interactive technology retail destination.

Coffee / F&B Retail Design Concepts.

Immersive art exhibition experience.